Prairie Husband/Wife Duo

​​​​​​​​​​​ Brand New Single, 'This Is Us'
out now!! 

It's like a brand new beginning for Country singer Lindsay Rae, with her new single released under the name "L Rae & J", with her husband Joey. Her strengths continue to be featured in songwriting, and there's an extra "oomph" to their sound together with beautiful harmonies and truth to the lyrics about love -- "holding on to forever, meant to stay together". Fingers crossed for a full album with this sound, that reaches long-time L Rae fans who have appreciated Lindsay's music for her entire career, and now, L Rae & J fans. Thanks for sharing the love!
-Jayme Giesbrecht - CFAM Radio 950
L Rae & J are a prairie husband and wife duo, who love adventure, their dog, Willow, and sharing the stage together. This duo offers an animated performance paired with silly stories and heartwarming songs as they infuse music with the love and humour they share together! L Rae & J have entertained audiences at many summer festivals, coffee houses, and events across Manitoba over the past 2 years and embarked on a West Coast Adventure/Tour in the summer of 2017. They recently released their first single, 'This Is Us' and can't wait for you to hear it 'live'! Come along on the journey as they inspire you to dream and hit life head on!